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Annual Contract
$4 /month/employee
  • Unlimited Team Fitness Challenges (Steps, Distance, Active Minutes, & More!)
  • Seamless Tracking: Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Sedentary Minutes, Floors Climbed, Exercise Minutes, Sleep, Weight (lbs.)
  • Personalized Health & Wellness Tracking including Mood, Partners, & Locations
  • Employee & Company Health & Wellness Dashboards
  • Customizable Employee Leaderboards
  • Pre-Built Wellness Achievements
  • Integrations with 100+ Wearable & Fitness Apps, including Apple Health & Google Fit
  • Monthly Company Health & Wellness Newsletters
  • Weekly Employee Health & Wellness Progress Emails
  • Email Invitations to Team Fitness Challenges with Employee Opt-Out Option
  • Social Wellness Experience includes Groups, Tagging, & Media Sharing
  • Employee Privacy Options
  • Smartphone App Access
Annual Contract
$6 /month/employee
  • Includes Entry Package Suite
  • Create & Manage Custom Wellness Achievements
  • 200+ FitTips with Like, Did, Share Options
  • Create & Manage Custom FitTips
  • 50+ FitVideos with Like, Did, Share, & 5-Star Rating Option
  • Create & Manage Custom FitVideos (YouTube & Vimeo Supported)
  • Monthly Wellness Blog with Health Recommendations
  • Monthly FitBliss Recap Admin-Only Emails
  • Time-based Health & Wellness Insights
  • Real-time Employee Engagement Insights
  • FitBliss Features Insights
  • Salesforce Integration
Annual Contract
$10 /month/employee
  • Includes Performance Package Suite
  • FitAssistant - Personalized AI Weight Loss/Gain + Prediction Trends
  • Slack Channel Integration
  • FitBlissONE Philanthropy Program
  • Quarterly Mindfulness Webinars
  • FitProductivity on Salesforce*

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