FitBliss Platform

Simple & Community-Driven Experience.

Employee Experience

Employees have a wonderful experience in being able to better manage their well-being with personalized tools, social engagement, & recognition for achieving their goals!

Employer Experience

Employers have the access to real-time insights to better manage the employee experience to maximize engagement and build a healthy, happy, and productive workforce!

Wellness Gamification

Create customized FitChallenges based on different health performance indicators such as Steps, Distance, Exercise Minutes, & more. Employees receive recognition for Achievements in their wellness! Employees can invite other colleagues to join an upcoming FitChallenge to build out their teams, with a simple click of a button on desktop or mobile. Engaging more employees has never been easier!

Health Education

Employees have a personalized experience with FitEducation focusing on the key areas of holistic well-being: Exercise, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Sleep, and Stress Management. FitEducation is delivered through tweet-sized Health Tips with Pictures, 1-3 minute Health Videos, and Monthly Wellness Blogs for a relevant and millennialized experience. Employees can engage with our 'Like', 'Did', & 'Share' Buttons!

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Health Apps & Wearables

1-Click Integrations: Simplify the experience for employees to get started with our powerful wearables & app Integrations! Includes Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Google Fit, Apple Watch, Runkeeper, Misfit, & more! With our curated experience, employees can integrate multiple apps and wearables for a seamless experience to see a full view of all their trackers in one single dashboard & daily summary!

Health & Wellness Collaboration

Employees receive personalized weekly performance emails that include their week/week wellness progress and their favorite Health Tips & Videos! Employees receive a monthly wellness newsletter that includes the monthly wellness blog and top performers! Employees have their own FitBliss profile that includes a social feed to share their workouts, favorite health tips/videos, and tag colleagues in their activities! Employers are provided with a dedicated Wellness Group to collaborate and share relevant health information!

Program Insights

FitBliss provides employers with powerful insights across multiple categories of their FitBliss program. With our compliant Dashboards, employers access aggregate real-time Health Data, Engagement Statistics, and Popular Features! FitBliss provides a monthly admin-only email to the adminstrators of the program to provide the monthly progress of the program. FitBliss Recap emails provide employers with Recommendations based on Employee Engagement and Health Levels.

Customize Your Program

Turn FitBliss into your Company's Custom Wellness Experience. This includes Login Page Branding, Email Templates, Wellness Pages, Mobile App Pages, Employee Achievements & Recognition, Health FitTips, Health FitVideos, Social Filtering, & More! FitBliss Console provides employers and admins the accessibility to create their own wellness experiences based on wellness topics of interest, employee feedback, and any changes in the employee benefits program.

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Personalized Health Management

Welcome to FitAssistant! FitBliss has built an Artificial Intelligent Feature for employees who are setting goals for themselves to lose or gain weight. Based on the employee's historical health data and their current weight, FitBliss uses machine learning to provide employees with personalized recommendations to support their health goals!

FitProductivity on Salesforce

With FitProductivity for Salesforce, your sales, service, & marketing reps drive better work performance by living an optimal lifestyle. FitProductivity gives your Salesforce users insights on how living a healthier lifestyle will help them hit their goals at work. Setup FitGoals that will help you hit your quota like Leads Created, Opportunities Closed, Cases Closed, and more! Also, achieve your health & fitness goals like the number of steps you take, or many miles you've gone! You can even track your sleep against your CRM KPIs! **Salesforce License Required for FitProductivity.

“We highly recommend FitBliss for any organization looking for a wellness partner that offers maximum and sustainable employee engagement around wellness.”
Eric Roth
VP, Human Resources