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Platform building healthy, happy, & productive teams on Salesforce.com!

Unlock Health Productivity Inside Salesforce

With FitProductivity for Salesforce, your sales, service, & marketing reps drive better work performance by living an optimal lifestyle. FitProductivity gives your Salesforce users insights on how living a healthier lifestyle will help them hit their goals at work.

1) Log into Salesforce & click on the FitProductivity App

2) Sync up a Fitness App or Wearable Tracker of Choice

3) Setup a FitGoal: 1 CRM KPI, 1 Fitness/Health KPI

4) Get Productivity-Driven Health Tips directly in your Salesforce org

5) Be Recognized with Achievement based on your Goal Attainment

6) Access the FitResults page for a complete Dashboard View

Optimal Health. Optimal CRM Performance.

App Connect

Sync from over 100 Fitness Apps & Wearables! Seamless tracking directly into Salesforce account! Integrate Apple Health, Fitbit, Strava, and many other connections curated to your apps that you use daily!


Setup FitGoals that will help you hit your quota like Leads Created, Opportunities Closed, Cases Closed, and more! Also, achieve your health & fitness goals like the number of steps you take, or many miles you've gone! You can even track your sleep against your CRM KPIs!


See your player card of information that's all about you! Your FitGoals, your optimal health & fitness stats, your optimal CRM stats, your FitTips that help you hit your goals, and your Achievements that you've earned!

today inside your Salesforce!