Millennialized Employee Well-Being

Intelligence in corporate well-being programs.

FitBliss Selected to Join the Salesforce Accelerate Program!


Team Fitness Challenges, Customized Leaderboards, Wellness Recognition, & More!

Health Education

Improving the health literacy of the global workforce with videos, tips with pictures, and monthly blogs!


Integrate with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, MyFitnessPal,, Slack, and more!


Monthly Newsletters, Weekly Progress Emails, Invitations to Team Fitness Challenges, & More!


Create health and fitness groups, tag your colleagues in workouts, posts to Slack & Chatter.


See aggregate insights on the real-time data of the health & wellness of your organization or company.


Drag & Drop Wellness Pages, Employee Achievements, Health Education, and more!

Health Management

Suite of wellness tools to better manage your health, including AI powered weight management!


FitBliss provides customers and partners with email, phone, video, & online help center support!

"We've had numerous employees tell us that FitBliss was the nudge they needed to get up from their desk and go for a walk or run!"
Julia Moody
Director, People Success
"I find using FitBliss that I am walking more, taking the stairs and overall sitting less. This results in me feeling better and more productive at work."
Jaron Ness
Partner Alliance Manager
"I paired my Fitbit to FitBliss on day one and got moving! Great app if your company is looking for a Wellness program."
Becka Miller Admin

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